Friday, June 13, 2014

Why Sony Fans should be Happy Post E3

One thing I don't hear a lot of people talking about when assessing Sony's E3 press conference is the number of games in development that weren't announced.  For whatever reason studios like Sony Bend, Sony Santa Monica, and even Media Molecule were no where to be found (LBP3 is actually being developed by Sumo Digital).  However, Sony has already stated they are all working on PS4 games, which means even after all the announcements that were made there is still more to be revealed in the coming year.  Whether that means Gamescon or the Tokyo Game Show, PlayStation gamers are in for a heck of a year!

Now the question is what games are in development?  One of my first blogs talked about 2014 and what games could be coming and now I feel like I can revise that a bit due to some more news and some changes at developers.  One of the biggest question marks comes from Sony Santa Monica.  The God of War developer was working on two games before some recent layoffs and the cancellation of one project (rumored to be the open world space game I talked about in my original preview).  So then is the other game a next gen God of War?  Or could they surprise everyone with a new original IP?  Only time will tell but keep an eye on Sony Santa Monica, any day we may just find out.

Of course the talk of E3 was Uncharted 4, but a Naughty Dog employee did state that another game is being developed on the same size as Uncharted 4.  The obvious idea would be The Last of Us, but what would happen if Naughty Dog surprised us and did a totally different game?  After the most impressive video game trailer ever, and the news that it was in-game, in-engine footage means Naughty Dog may have already found a way to unleash the power of the PS4.  I can only hope we get another Naughty Dog game soon after Uncharted 4 is released to bide a little more time with an amazing developer.  Honestly, even with all the turmoil at Naughty Dog can they do no wrong?  Below is the trailer again, with the new information that this will be very close to the final product, I can't help but watch over and over!

The biggest mystery as far as Sony's studios go are Sony bend and the trademark Kill Strain.  Recently several trademarked game titles were leaked including Guns up.  At E3 Sony revealed the game Guns up coming to PS4.  Also leaked at the same time was the trademark Kill Strain, which many associated with a possible Syphon Filter reboot.  Could Sony Bend be bringing back a classic?

These are just three studios out of a handful that have yet to announce their next gen projects, which to me spells a good outlook to PS gamers everywhere!