Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend in Gaming

Here is the first installment of Weekend in gaming, and what a weekend it was.  My trophy hunting continues as I was able to rent South Park Stick of Truth from Redbox thanks to a free rental.  Was hoping to play through and Platinum the first play through, but thanks to a dumb trophy that has no way of actually tracking, I was unable to get the platinum without a second play through.  With the game being a rental I wasn't able to do that so the platinum will have to wait.  My thoughts on the game are very high as I feel it takes the essence of South Park and completely recreates it with you as a character in an episode.  It is definitely not a very appropriate game, but when it's South Park what do you expect?  Without the constraints of TV censors, This episode of South Park can include Nazi zombie fetus's, tons of fart jokes, and plenty of sexual innuendos.  It deserves its M rating one hundred percent, but also brings plenty of laughs I have never experienced in a video game.  This is an early contender for my game of the year, just too bad they aren't porting it to next gen.

After that I moved on to Wolfenstein, which I have been waiting to play since I got it when it was first released.  This game was quite a surprise as I am thoroughly enjoying playing through being my first first-person shooter in quite some time.  I had heard the buzz which caused me to pick it up, and it deserves all of it.  The story is great and engaging for a WWII type shooter.  Truly though, it isn't a World War II shooter at all since it is set after WWII in a world where the Nazi's won.  The hero is likable with good dialogue and funny one liners.  The thing I love most about the game is it does not take itself seriously, but instead embraces the ridiculousness of the story, but also asking the what if question with a different outcome to WWII.  I should be able to finish in the next two days and will give a full review for the blog since it was a more recent release.  Just an FYI, seems like this week many retailers have Wolfenstein on sale and for around $30 I think it is a must have in this current drought for games.

After I move past Wolfenstein, I still have a brand new Watch Dogs to open, as well as a growing backlog of PS3 games I want to attempt to Platinum.  Feel free to comment with suggestions for games I should play, and use my backlog tab at the top of the page to see what else I have.