Friday, June 6, 2014

Remastered games, Are they worth it?

One issue that has been brought up numerous times all over the internet regarding the recent trend of Remastered games on the next gen platforms.  I think that the issue people have with those types of games are actually false and this is a very good option in the early life cycle of both the Xbox One and the PS4.  However I also believe it is even more plausible for the PS4 more so than the Xbox One.  Let me first start off with the people who are complaining about the time that creating a remastered game could be used on a new title.  Here is the biggest problem with that idea, the time to remaster a game is way less than creating a new game.  Right now a lot of developers are working on new games, but the time it will take them to release those new games would leave quite a large gap for owners of the new systems.  We already have quite a few gaps without games so the developers take a smaller team and remaster a game to be released soon after the next gen launches. It really isn't taking away from a new game we could have had at the same time.

The biggest reason I love remastered games and think they make sense is the change in the lead console.  What I mean by this was last gen Xbox 360 lead up until the very end.  A lot of Xbox 360 owners have now switched over and missed out on a lot of the great exclusives that I feel were much better than what Microsoft offered.  But since they skipped PS3 they skipped some amazing games including the Uncharted series, The Last of us, God of War, and the Resistance series.  There are even more than I mentioned and if they are able to bring some of those games over as remastered next gen versions, I feel like Sony could still make some money, while also appeasing PS4 owners with games that are new to them.
Now there is one thing I feel like needs to happen with remastered to make them that much better: lower their prices.  The fact that they are selling games at full prices is the only negative to remastered games.  I feel like a $50 or $40 price tag would make everyone happen and make some of these remastered games sell that much better.  I would also think that a lower price tag would calm the people complaining about the remastered games coming out.

I bought Tomb Raider and experience it for the first time on my PS4, I will definitely be picking up The Last of Us as I was unable to finish it by the time the PS4 came out, not to mention I would love to see GTA V come out so that I could re-experience it on a Sony machine with trophies.  Of course there are multiple rumors of other games such as Mass Effect trilogy and a possible uncharted trilogy in the future with both being high on my purchase list.  All these games could bridge the gap to some of the newer games and makes some fans happy, and if only they could lower the price then I feel like it could make all fans happy.