About Me

I am just your ordinary gamer who loves games and technology.  I write for fun and am not in it for money or views, but I do love conversation so feel free to comment or contact me about anything.  My other loves are my family, which includes my wife Lauren and our two dogs Cooper and Brodi, Soccer, Hockey, and Snowboarding.  I graduated with a degree in communications with a specialty in mass media and although I am not currently involved with mass media I appreciate what the degree brought to me as far as my speaking.  I work in the finance industry and also coach High School soccer, which helps carry the love that I have for soccer that took me through my early life and college.

I love all video games and with the recently released PS4 I have a renewed love for all things Sony.  I currently own a PS3, PS Vita and a PS4, so you can say it is all Sony right now.

Some of my favorite games of all time include: The Last of Us, The Uncharted Series, FIFA, and the NHL series.