Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sony’s E3 Press Conference Reactions

Well the reactions are mixed from Sony’s E3 presser, but I believe it was strong, but they missed an opportunity to kill it.  The way it started was like a dream, but pacing was Sony’s downfall with the not so very nice filler middle that included hardware updates and some TV news that Microsoft fans know ever so well from last year.  However, if you take the middle out I believe it was a very strong conference overall from Sony and should have PS4 fans very excited for what’s to come.  Sony got lucky that Microsoft showed a lot of third party with timed exclusives, which Sony did but not to the same extent.  We also got some very nice surprises that are rare in the age of Twitter and technology.  Both Little Big Planet 3 and Grim Fandango were very nice surprises, but the LBP3 demo could have been a lot better than it was.
I really liked the emphasis on lots of exclusive info that Sony was able to reveal with a total of roughly 10 good exclusives that should make PS4 owners very happy.  Here is a list of my highlights and what I feel about each game.

The Order 1886

With all the rumors regarding the game and whether or not it would actually live up to the first trailer, the new footage shown yesterday was not a good effort.  Lots of cinematics with a rail shooting like scene and what appeared to be either a zombie or a werewolf, it was not what fans were looking for.  However I ask that Sony fans hold judgment through this E3 week as people will be able to get their hands on it and may be able to provide more info.  As release date gets closer we should know more about the game.

Uncharted 4

With what has happened recently with UC4 and Naughty Dog, people really need to see how lucky we are that we got what we did above.  A title, a 2015 promise, and some really good graphics.  Now I am sure people will complain that it was CG and cinematics, but if people remember, previous Uncharted’s have CG cut scenes that aren’t that different to the gameplay.  Not to mention if you look at the Last of us, that is the same engine UC4 will run on for the PS4.  It will look that good and it is why none of the journalists out there are crying a foul like gamers are regarding a CG trailer.  This game is the reason you get a Sony console, and will be guaranteed to be the system seller that everyone is waiting for.


This game was a pleasant surprise as everyone thought Media Molecule would not be at E3, but here we are with new LBP.  I loved the four characters and the idea that every single piece of user creations will be available.  However, it was a lackluster demo as it showed off some of LBP’s unpolished platforming that the series is known for.  It is exciting though that we have an exclusive like it coming this fall.  If you have never played a LBP and enjoy platforming and playing with friends, look forward to this game.

No Man’s Sky

WOW!  This game came out of nowhere for me as I had not seen it before.  Yes it is only an Indie game (refer to my indie controversy blog), but this game is quite ambitious!  A full universe to explore with everyone’s game being completely unique!?  Yea it isn’t the greatest looking game ever with full textures and such, but just the sheer size and scope makes this one of the best games shown at the show for any company.  Look forward to getting my hands on it soon.


Bloodborne, a.k.a. Project Beast, is the game long rumored for From Software was a pleasant surprise.  The trailer looks gorgeous and if the Souls games are any reference it will look amazing on PS4.  The trailer didn’t give a lot of info on the actual game or storyline, but it should be on everyone’s radar going forward.

Remastered Games

I recently wrote about remastered games and why they are ok at the beginning of a lifecycle, and Sony didn’t disappoint on this front.  The Last of Us looks incredible, and is already an incredible game.  Must have for every single PS4 owner no matter if you have already played it!  Then of course we get GTA V which I forgot to mention in my previous article.  GTA V will warrant a buy for me as I enjoyed the story mode and wasn’t able to full enjoy the rest due to the release of the PS4.  Now I get to redo the story and of course earn trophies for it as well.

Third Party Games to get Excited About

Rainbow Six: Siege

This was a great third party surprise and a game that looks unbelievable!  I am not a huge Rainbow Six fan as I haven’t been very good at the tactical shooting games, but I want to play this so bad!

Batman Arkham Knight

Finally some gameplay, and the way the game transferred from cinematic to gameplay was flawless.  This is a must own for everyone and I am now a lot sadder that it was pushed to 2015.

Far Cry 4

This should have even Sony fans more excited than anyone.  With the announcement that exclusively PS4 and PS3 gamers will be able to play the game even if they don’t won it was huge and a pretty big slap in the face to Microsoft.

Overall E3 was great for gamers and good for PS4 owners.  If Sony had of only cut of the fluff in the middle including the Powers announcement, then this could have been an A performance.  However due to that middle, I can only give Sony’s E3 press conference a B.  It was a good showing and if you are a PS4 owner you should be happy with the upcoming titles you will get to enjoy.
Tomorrow I will blog about what’s next and what was missing from E3 yesterday, make sure you stay tuned in when that blog goes live.