Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday PS News

Every Tuesday I will run down the last weeks worth of PS news and give my opinion on what it may mean or why you should be excited.

The Last of Us Lowers MSRP
It looks like The Last of Us has lowered its MSRP to $49.99 instead of the regular $60 for new games.  This is big news as a lot of remastering complaints centered around the $60 price tag.  This edition also comes with all DLC, a current $20 value that includes the wonderful single player DLC Left Behind.  This is a must own for all PS4 owners and has even gotten some rumors of a PS4 bundle that includes the Last of Us.

New DS4 Controllers coming Stateside
New blue, white, and camouflage DS4 controllers have shown up for preorder by Amazon finally bringing a little change to the regular black controller provided with the system.  We of course figured white was coming with the inclusion in the white PS4 bundle that is coming this fall.  One controller not announced yet is a red colored one seeing as Asia already has the blue but also has a red one as well.  Good for Sony to finally bring this over as people have been clamoring for a little color.

Update 1.72
Another small update came to PS4 for stability improvements, but many are wondering when we will get the next big update.  We know youtube is coming in the fall, which could lead many to believe that big update will include that and others in the Fall.  Otherwise we are just left speculating about things like online takeover, a possible new sound update, or heck, even the ability to change PSN names?  I can dream right?