Friday, July 11, 2014

Review Friday - Watch Dogs

Almost done with this game and have already completed the story so i feel that I can now give a fair review for Watch Dogs.  Watch Dogs had a lot of hype as being a next gen launch release, but after a delay did not come out till a couple of months ago.  One major thing I noticed about the game right away was that it did not look like some of the early trailers and game play from before release looking a lot less impressive then originally thought.  The idea is pretty good overall and the hacking is done well, however the game does a lot of the same over and over again.  Go to mission location, hack or shot your way through, mini-hacking game, escape police or attackers.  It is fun for the first half, but as I am cleaning up 100%, the game has gotten old.  I could see how this could become a franchise, but I am not sure if I would want to continue to pick it up unless the hacking changed or they added other game play mechanics.

Also I did notice some glitches when it came to attacking large crowds or even getting a vehicle stuck.  One time I did not have a clear exit to my car on either side and when I excited the car my character just appeared in the middle of the car glitching and it required a complete restart in order to fix it.  When it comes to the trophy crowd, Ubisoft made a big mistake creating a trophy like traced that is completely based on other players and Ubisoft's servers rather than player skill.  This will upset and frustrate some who have a hard problem getting people to tail them.  It can also cause a lot of headaches to a game that would otherwise be easy to platinum and just take a bit of time.

Overall Watch Dogs was a decent new IP with a good idea.  However with some time and more effort I feel Watch Dogs could become a good franchise.  Evener with its recycled game play, Watch Dogs is a good title for either next gen system and a fun time.  I can't, however recommend this title as a buy and would definitely categorize it as a rent, or wait for a sale.