Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend in Gaming

A great 3 day weekend that saw me out of the house a lot playing golf and of course the obligatory fire work show.  However I did get some more time into Watch Dogs and would say I am three quarters of the way through campaign and will soon just be doing trophy clean up.  Hopefully somehow I get tailed 5 times before then but I am not very optimistic for that one as I haven't been tailed once.  Really Ubisoft, a 100% luck based trophy that has to be done by other players is the dumbest thing ever!  The story itself is interesting and the hacking idea is fun, however now I am finding the game to get boring as it is rinse and repeat with every mission.  Go to compound, find a way to use cameras to eliminate as many bad guys as possible, run in and shot the rest, and hack.  That's it every single time.

I also got a little bit of time in for NHL 2004.  It is very interesting going back to older sports titles I remember well from my childhood.  Also seeing the rosters and ratings from then are a lot of fun with nostalgia.  My Colorado Avalanche was stacked this year and seeing that I remember how optimistic that year was for a cup run, but bad goaltending was there undoing after Patrick Roy retired the year before.  Fun time to see how the game played and boy was it arcady-like.  Big hits and really the only way to score was one timers.  Oh how the shot stick has really changed the way to play the game.  I am getting excited for NHL 15 and first next gen hockey game.  Only a few more months to wait for that.