Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hype up Thursday - DriveClub

A game that was delayed almost a year from when it was supposed to release can sometimes lose hype or be written off.  But what Sony has done with DriveClub was the right move and now the game hasn't looked any better.  Everyone was excited for a launch day racing game like DriveClub, and then again for the spring, but with the game now being released in the fall almost a year from the original date: people are still hyped.  Every detail that is released brings new beautiful screens and videos of a game that could rival or even outperform Microsoft's Forza series.  Just a few days ago Sony released a new video detailing night and weather driving, a feature that will finally appear in Forza this fall after being asked for since the first Forza hit the 360.

The look of the cars on the next gen PS4 look stunning and almost make you even more excited for the prospects of a Gran Turismo sequel in the near future.  But for now we get a great looking racing game completely built around social media and connecting with other racers.  The other great part is that everyone on PS4 with Plus will get a small portion of the game at release.  Now I know this part has been the source of scorn as it seems we will be getting a lot less for free then originally thought, however, it is still a free portion of the game to really see if this game is for you.  I see it as a large demo with unlimited time to play the core of the game and get a feel for what it has to offer.  I think this could really translate into retail copies being sold and the game being a success.

I am very interested to see how the social aspects of the game work and feel within the boundaries the game has.  That is why a larger demo really makes sense so I can experience those things first hand.  We have yet to see the full car list but many cars have been seen through the trailers and game play videos to get an idea of some of the cars.  One detail that was released that I found amazing was the fact that each car took about 7 months to put in the game and includes over 260,000 polygons!  the tech specs and small details they have fit into the game are astonishing and bring subtle features car enthusiasts have been asking for  since last gen.

You can play DriveClub on October 7th (barring another delay) and I for one am extremely excited.  This is a big deal since I am not a huge racing fan overall and look forward to the tech side of this game.