Friday, July 4, 2014

Review Friday - Wolfenstein: The New Order

Today is the first installment of Review Friday, I will either review a new game or an older game from my backlog every Friday for your enjoyment.  Since my recent platinum of Wolfenstein I figured it was in order for the first full review done on this blog.


Wolfenstein is set post WWII in an alternate world where the Nazi's have won the war and now control the world.  You play as B.J. Blaskowicz, an America who wakes up to the war being over and Nazi's in control of everything.  He joins a group called the resistance looking to take down the Nazi army.  The story itself is one of the best I have ever played for a first person shooter.  The game starts of slow but after B.J. wakes up the game hits a furious pace and never looks back.  With few slow downs or really dumb missions, Wolfenstein takes you all over the place including the moon.  The secondary characters are fun and the writing really makes you appreciate them and actually care about what happens to all of them.

Game Play

This game is like a lot of first person shooters, however it really likes to keep with the classic shooter that the original Wolfenstein was with health packs and an actual health meter without full health regeneration.  The only negative that can get kinda annoying is the fact that the game requires you to push a button to pick anything up.  Other then that minor complain, the game is a fun shooter with smooth controls.  The game does a great job of bringing variety to the game play from driving a car in one level, to a giant robot with a turret and bombs, to floating on the moon.  It definitely doesn't get boring to play with the many different levels that the game offers.

Final Thoughts

With so many review sites and such on the net, I want to make these short and sweet and end with my final thoughts on the game.  Instead of scoring each game I will simply give it a pass on it, rent it, or buy it rating since points can be so generic.  Wolfenstein is a great surprise for many including myself and in a time where games have been so scarce it brings plenty of fun for several hours and with the game being on sale this week for $39.99 at most retailers I have to give Wolfenstein a Buy!

Verdict: BUY