Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Play Games Cheap

In the past year something amazing has happened for gamers that has created a very easy way to play all the games that are released and rarely pay anything out of pocket.  It has allowed me to play games I never would have tried due to the lack of extra cash I have around for gaming.  Thanks to Best Buy and their Gamer's Club Unlocked program the they revamped last year, gamers everywhere can take advantage of what I speak of.

The program normally costs $120 for 2 years but their are rumors it may drop permanently to $99.  However, the program has been on sale numerous times for $30 and starting next week with the purchase of any game over $39.99, you can get the program for this cheaper price.  What the program allows is 20% off all games that are considered new and not used, 10% off of used games, and an extra 10% on trade ins.  All of this allows for some huge savings over a period of time and the ability to play games for next to nothing.

Since getting into this program last year, I have spent only around $100 or so on nearly 14 new release games.  Because of this I have been able to enjoy games I would never have picked up in the first place, games like Wolfenstein, Shadow of Mordor, Lego Marvel, and Infamous Second Son.  Now to really take advantage of this program and save serious bucks there is a certain process I follow.  First it is best to also use Best Buys preorder promos such as the $10 certificate for each preorder and pickup.  This process alone was able to get me GTA V preordered for free during November.  With GCU all new games are priced at $47.99, or around $52 after taxes which gives you around another $10 in savings.  The big thing to really keep your money going is watching trade values with Bestbuy.  For a month or so after a game is released it can fetch around $40 at Best Buy for trade in, which means if you can keep the game for a month or less can get you $44 trade in credit after GCU.

So if I say get the new Call of Duty on Tuesday, I will pay $52, I will also get a $10 certificate 15 days later, and then play the game until either I am done with it or 3 to 4 weeks after getting it I can then trade it in for a $44 gift card.  In the end I only lose around $2 out of pocket for nearly a months worth of play time.  The best rental deal that kills Redbox rentals or anywhere else that rents video games.  This process can seem tedious but it can really afford people to get to play any game they may show interest in.

Feel free to let me know if you have found a better way to work Best Buy's GCU or how many games you have been able to play since getting GCU in the comments.  There will be more posts to follow including some reviews of the biggest games from this fall and what many have called Broketober.