Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday PS News

Another week of smaller news for Sony fans, however there are a couple of stories to note that have come up in the last week

Beyond Two Souls PS4?

You read that correctly, two German retailers have listed Beyond Two Souls for PS4 to join the already announced The Last of Us Remastered on PS4.  This could be expected being a big exclusive from PS3 and Quantic Dream that Sony would want people to be able to experience on their PS4.  I already wrote a blog in support of remastered games and this may just be another one to add to the list.  Add this to other rumored titles like the Mass Effect collection and a possible Uncharted collection and the remastered games list continues to grow.

Are there any other titles you would want to see come to next gen?

More PS4 Bundles for Europe

Europe has already seen a PS4 plus Vita bundle as well as a Last of Us Bundle, and now they will be getting a Driveclub bundle.  This bundle makes the most sense for Europe as it is one of the hot beds for racing games with a game like Gran Turismo selling the best in the territory.  You have to figure Sony wants to give a leg up for Driveclub in the racing loving territory and this bundle does just that.

It has been really weird that Sony has yet to release any bundles and all the U.S. is getting is the white Destiny bundle.  The biggest omission to the U.S. would be a PS4 and Vita bundle that makes the most sense and would help move even more Vitas', but we have yet to see that.  Hopefully Sony reveals a black Friday bundle of some sorts.

PS4 Struggling in Japan

Sony' dominance of Japan has not carried over in Japan like the other territories it has succeeded.  In fact the PS4 is being out sold by the struggling Wii U and even the Ps Vita.  My take on it is that Nintendo is still one of the kings there, and that the Japan market is more interested in handhelds than anything else.  Hopefully releases like Blood Borne and Depp Down can possibly bring better sales to the PS4 in the coming months.

Bioshock Vita

Every day it looks more and more like a Bioshock Vita won't be happening like some rumors stated.  Bioshock creator Ken Levine has stated that they are still waiting to see if Sony and 2k can work something out but as of now nothing has been reached.  Ken detailed his idea for a Bioshock Vita game by saying that it would be like "Final Fantasy Tactics-style game set in pre-fall Rapture".  I would really be interested on how the game would play on Vita and if they could get the Bioshock feel from the first two games.  Sometimes it really does feel like Sony is pushing the Vita into more of a companion role for the PS4 than a stand alone system and that is truly sad.  It is a great device with a lot of potential.