Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back from Vaca!

Well I just got back last night from Vacation and boy was that needed! Got some good time in on Lego Lord of The Rings and Tearaway. Tearaway is the best game ever for Vita, a must own for any Vita owner! The use of all the controls, camera, and touch screens is unbelievable! Looking to platinum both games which I think will be doable with a little time as both are games that need 100% completion with all the collectables.

As for all the Playstation News that hit while I was gone, here is my take on them. The biggest of course being Playstation Now. I got to say, they still surprised me with the full announcement even though we knew it was coming. They didn't reveal the pricing, but did mention you could do subscription base or rent games individually. I think that was a great move for people looking to try out the service or who maybe missed a couple of last gen games. As long as the subscription isn't too much I may still be looking at doing that. I love the inclusion of Vita in the streaming hosts and was suprised at the number of platforms that can use PSNOW. So far the videos I have seen of the service shows it working pretty well, but until the beta can be in the hands of normal consumers under normal conditions I will hold out on judgement. Overall I believe this was huge news for Sony and a continuation of the right moves that Sony is making. I'm hoping to get into the Beta, so we will see more when all that info comse later this month.

This does transition into the news of the PS4 selling 4.2 million units.... WOW! that is all I can even muster up to say about that number. They were hoping to hit 5 mill after the Japan launch in the end of February, but that may be even closer than expected. Here is what blows my mind even more though, the system is not available anywhere. How many would they have sold if stock were higher? Or are the lower stocks creating a higher demand? No idea honestly but that is a rather great achievement for Sony. Not to mention like I said the Japan launch is still imminent, how many can Sony sell? 7 mill? 8 mill? 10 mill????!?!?

What these sales numbers show me is that Sony has done the right thing from day one. There has really been no negatvie news since the announcment of the PS4 and they have done everything right. Pricepoint, features, design, and announcments; Sony has listened to the gamers and really learned from the PS3's struggles. It is why I have fallen back in love with Sony: They listen. But this brings me to something that has gone into a special part of my heart: the Vita. The system continues to struggle with sales and amount of games, but has so much potential. If Tearaway has shown me anything, is what a great piece of hardware it is and what it is capable of. Not to mention how well remote play works and the potential that PSNow can bring, PS Vita has a chance to actually succeed. What exactly it will take to succeed is another story, but with such a large install of users for the PS4, I hope that those people buy PS Vita's for remote play and are able to see that the Vita has so much more to offer.

So, from this blog what does everyone think of PS Now, the 4.2 million sold, and what do you think of Vita? Comment below!