Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What are Sony's Studios up to?

Here is THE biggest question going into 2014, what are all of Sony's first party studios doing? We already know that every single one of them is working on a next gen game for PS4/Vita. We know that Sucker Punch is doing Infamous, Sony Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn is working on The Order, and of course Naughty Dog is working on the new Uncharted. But what are all the other unannounced games the studios are working on?

Sony Bend is working on a PS4 game, and it will be interesting to see what a developer that has worked mostly on PSP and Vita games can do. Could it be Syphon Filter? PLEASE!!!!!

Team ICO is working on The Last Gaurdian since the dawn of time, but really... When is this game coming? The biggest question now is if it is coming to PS4, which many believe has to do with even more delays.

Sony San Diego is of course working on the very popular MLB the Show series for PS4, Vita, and PS3. The early tech demos for this have lots of Show fans excited, and I am definitely one of them!

Sony Santa Monica is one of the more interesting studios to watch, because besides helping on The Order; they too are working on an unknown game. Some say it may be a new God of War, but other news may lead to a different type of game. What we know is it is a massive open world game and that God of War 2 Director Cory Barlog is working on it. All of this should have new PS4 owners very excited. Also, Sony Santa Monica is working with Battle Star Galactica writer Michael Angeli on a new game. Word is he has been writing the game for over 2 years and with his BSG background my money is on a space game, please be an awesome space game!

Naughty Dog is also on this "what are they working on" list due to the fact that we know they have split up the studio to develop different games. The Uncharted team is working on the new Uncharted game, but what is The Last of Us team working on? Keep an eye out at E3 as I believe Naughty Dog will make a huge splash and bring us something we may not expect.

There are literally tons of studios that Sony has working for them, and this is only the beginning. These are the main studios I am watching, but what are some games you are looking forward to? What studios could make a big difference in the next gen battle?