Thursday, January 30, 2014

PS Vita Slim Coming to the UK

The Ps Vita has been out on the market for just over 2 years and some might say it is dying. However, truthfully we might be seeing a new revival from Sony’s handheld thanks in part to the PS4 and a new model. The PS Vita Slim was revealed for the UK today with a release date of February 7th. While it is already being sold in Japan, this move can only mean that Sony is planning on eventually bringing it to the U.S. sometime soon. The Slim brings a bevy of new features including 1 GB of internal memory and better battery life than the Regular Vita. In order to bring us these two things as well as a lower price Sony had to switch out the amazing OLED screen for a regular LCD screen. Other than that there really isn’t a huge negative to the Slim and could make it that much easier for PS4 owners to purchase one if and when it does come to the U.S., which they have not confirmed nor denied.

Sony is in a perfect position with their handheld as it is a must have add on to any PS4 due to remote play. Not only can the Vita benefit from the PS4, but also from some of the more recently released games and upcoming titles. One such title that may increase some of the handheld’s sales is Borderlands 2 that is set to be released sometime this year. With all of this Vita news, the Vita could see a resurgence that can hopefully get some more publishers on board and broaden the Vita’s catalog of games.

Some may say the Vita is dead or dying, but this may actually be just the beginning with a lot to look forward to. Do you think the Vita is looking up? Any games that you are looking forward to or have been must have games?