Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why I Want to Write and Talk: Follow my Playstation Blog

Well it has been a bit since I wrote on here... views kinda died after the initial launch and I am not even sure many people will continue to look at this. But I have decided that I want to continue to post my opinion and information about what I love in the hopes that some time in my life I may be able to use this to get a career I truly enjoy. As it is, I currently work in the financial industry full time. This has nothing to do with the degree I received in college, and it isn't a job I love. It is simply a job that helps pay bills. If I could do anything it would have to do with talking and writing about sports and video games. Those have been my biggest two passions in life and what I like to do most each and every day.

I came close to working in sports radio but the economy kinda messed that up when I was interning at a local station. My boss constantly was telling me what a great job I was doing, and honestly I was doing more work than any of the interns they had. It got to a point where my boss took a week off and left me in charge. That time went great and when it ended I continuously asked about jobs with them and never really had openings and eventually were laying people off. It was an unlucky moment for me to be in. Had I done my internship a few months before or a year or so after I might be in the industry. As it was I had to go out and get a job and I was lucky at the path I took for someon doing something that had nothing to do with their degree.

Deep down though, I feel like one day I could do something I love. I don't feel like i will stay where I am and just may get to do something I enjoy doing. This is where this blog comes into play for me. Whether anyone reads it or not, I want to use it to practice my writing skills that were kind of put on the back burner being a communications major instead of a writing major. Hopefully that practice and enthusiasm can get me to a place where I am given an opportunity. That is all I am looking for: an opportunity. One day I hope that I am one of those people who is able to give fans and followers a great story that makes people believe they can do anything. All I can hope for is the idea in my head that I tried and didn't give up on doing something better.

I hope that people can give me critque's and advice, as well as have conversation over the things I bring up. The thing I like the most is conversation over the things I love and am passionate about. So please help with my dream and follow this blog, comment, and feel free to give you opinion. Every little bit helps me move a step closer. And if nothing comes of it, it still will be a way for me to express my passion in writing for others to see.