Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How the PS4 Can dominate this Generation

I may have said this before, and although this is not a slight at the Xbox One... I do think Sony is in position to take back the crown of consoles this generation. And there are two direct reasons that this could happen. Now let me also state that I said "gamers", and by this I mean solely games and features that involve games. And while I do love the Kinect, Tv watching capabilites, and multi tasking that can be done on the Xbox One that cannot be done on the PS4, I don't care. That is right, I don't care. All I care about is pure gaming and things that can help to create an even better gaming experience.

This is where I think Sony can take a firm grasp on the competition and never let go. Those two things I speak of are remote play and Gaikai streaming. I know that Microsoft has talked about cloud gaming and it is coming and all of this, but until something concrete comes out stating they are bringing a streaming game service to the console I am putting this as a Sony exclusive feature like remote play. At this years E3 where I am sure Sony will finally be bringing details to the Gaikai streaming service, they have a chance to truly take over. Last year they nearly won it with their press conference going against every Microsoft feature and policy and gave the gamers what they wanted. If they listen again and announce either a competetive pricing model for the streaming service or , and the BIG or, state that it will be a part of Plus they jump ahead. My money and loyalty will take a big hit if they announce the service anything over $10 a month. If they can show that it works, provide some major PS1, PS2, and PS3 games that people want to play; Sony could hit the jackpot and add a service that could get as big as Netflix.

With nearly 3 million sold already, potentially 5 million by spring, think of what a $5-$10 a month service could do to Sony and there figures. I would say over half of PS4 owners would use the service and pay the fees bringing a lot of profit to the company depending on the price to runt he servers.

Now if they add the potential down the road to stabalize remote play to work even better and even allow 1:1 streaming on any network, it's checkmate for Sony. The ability to play anywhere no questions asked with a dependable server and good network is available right now with some lag. but to perfect it would create even more of a need for both the console and the Vita and again give Sony an Avenue to increase profits while also giving its gamers what they want. I know Sony is in it to make money, but providing your clientel with such amazing features that almost make it a value while also making a profit: GOLD!

We will see what is to come, but any indications of what will happen are unknown. Sony could rise out of the ashes that last gen put it in, or it could ride the initial launch success and fall back again once the Xbox one has some more times to succeed. What is everyone's thoughts on Gaikai and Remote play? How much would you realistically want to pay? (we all would like free... but that is asking a lot)