Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why I believe Trophies are better than Achievements

As I have stated in my first blog, I was an Xbox 360 person through and through. I fell in love and became addicted to achievements... however not as much as others. I am in the 25000's for score, and mostly because of playing a ton of games and not really getting 1000/1000. I didn't really see a point of getting a 1000/1000 and only got two. When I first got my ps3 and saw their system with a Platinum earned when hitting 100% and I thought this was an amazing idea. Giving an extra reward for 100% was just that extra incentive that I thought was great!

Besides the platinum trophies, the weighted ranking system is also amazing in how it isn't just about points and trophies, but also silver and gold versus bronze easy trophies. Now don't get me wrong, Microsoft were geniuses when they brought achievements to the past gen of consoles. But Sony being late to the party may have benefited them with a more complex structure that has created a new sub culture for Sony fans. What has brought the trophy system even higher is the connection to Vita and being able to earn trophies through your PS3, Vita, and PS4. Since making the PS4 now my primary console, I have raised my level of interest of trophies, and have renewed a quest to start platinuming as many games as I can. This is an amzing job by Sony and something that I think is very underrated when comparing systems and isn't talked about in the comparisons.

With that out there, I would love to post about my new platinum adventures and keep everyone updated on my platinuming escapades.

Currently I am looking to platinum FIFA 14, Mdden 25, Lego MArvel Superheroes, Walking Dead Vita, Lego Lord of the RIngs Vita, and Tearaway.

FIFA I am only 4 trophies away and they should be easily obtainable since I got the hardest ones out of the way. One that I need does suck as I need the help of a friend to complete 5 2-minute games. the other ones I need to get from playing pro clubs and I need to find a team. If anyone wants to help add me on PSN russdornisch.

Madden I am only a few away, but the hardest one of winning the superbowl in ultimate team has been harder this go around. I got it on 360 before switching to PS4, and I have played some terrible abusers online in my quest. I loved the experience on 360 getting it because I played some really good players and felt acomplished to get it. On PS4 I find myself playing the same guys who run 3 total plays that are unstopable no matter what defense you play. it sucks but hopefully I can keep trying and maybe get the superbowl when interest in the game goes down.

I leave for 10 days on a trip Wednesday and will be taking my Vita with me in the hopes of getting close to platinum in Lego Lord of the Rings, Walking dead, and tearaway. we will see and I will bring an update when I get back!