Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V First Person mode is official!

Well the long rumored first person mode is official as today Rock star and IGN released a trailer for first person mode.  Another video by IGN detailed thoughts on the new mode and the info they gave should make everyone even more excited to get the next gen versions.

  • Details! All cars have full details down to the radio, speedometers, and even showing you rip the wires to hot wire the car
  • First person mode is easily switchable thanks to the camera button.
  • When accessing your cell phone no new screen appears, you read off the cell phone directly
  • All weapons have added detail and include looking down the sights when aiming
  • Characters are fully animated when riding with you while you drive.
This are just a few details, but honestly being able to experience first person mode really opens up new ways to play the game.  Add in all the details, extra draw distance, and other add on's and GTA V is going to be an awesome game on next gen.  Nov 18th can't come soon enough