Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Preview

That Next Gen COD

Now I know Ghosts was released for next gen systems at launch, however this game was made for next gen and scaled down for 360 and PS3, making it the first true next gen COD game.  So far I have played a few hours, playing some campaign and an hour of Exo Survival.  It is a super fast paced game with the new jump mechanics and smart grenades that really add a bit of strategy.  The difficulty on the campaign isn't terrible as I have been playing on veteran and having very little trouble.  

The story so far seems like it follows the regular pattern, best friends join the military, friend dies, main character goes back to war in honor of said friend.  Nothing revolutionary, however, we get a animated Kevin Spacey that does his job well.  not to mention the always, in every single game, great Troy Baker who plays the main character that you control.  I have made it through the first two missing being able to get all mission trophies, which are not that hard.  The trophies each mission carries with it are simple enough if you know what they are as you go in and look for your opportunities.
As for the Exo Survival mode, many will immediately compare it to horde mode in Gears of War, and they would be right.  In my short time playing I have realized getting hooked up with regular players can make it tough, as most players are spreading out and getting killed quickly.  If it plays like Horde, it would be much smarter to team together and find a good location that you can't be surrounded in.  that was always key to managing horde mode and people haven't realized that just yet.  Currently my best run is wave 10 where I lead in kills and revivals, but until I can find a good group of guys to play with, I feel like I won't get much further.  I love the mode, but don't love peoples strategy at the moment.

Overall, i can say it does have a better feeling than most COD's I have played and I may stick with it for longer than previous titles.  That is until GTA V is released in the middle of the month.  Stay tuned for more updates on COD, as well as GTA V coverage.