Friday, October 31, 2014

Upcoming Games that will be Featured Here

Well Broketober is coming to an end and brought with it a wealth of games.  I only ended up purchasing Shadow of Mordor and NBA 2k15, but I was able to try Alien Isolation and the Evil Within.  Both of the two latter games were not my cup of tea but both good games in their own right.  Now we look forward to November and a few very big releases.  November brings the new Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Little big Planet 3, Dragon Age, and Far Cry 4.  Not to mention re-releases of Grand Theft Auto and the big Master Chief Collection.  With all these games coming out I have to limit my purchases with Christmas right around the corner and have already preordered Call of Duty and GTA V for my PS4.  I will admit as a die hard PlayStation fan, the Master Chief Collection is an amazing idea of what can be with a large series remaster and Sony should take note if the rumors hold true to an Uncharted re-release for PS4.

I look forward to both of my purchases as Call of Duty finally looks like a newer take on the series that should bring fun and the single player story should get a boost from Kevin Spacey's character that seems to bring that Frank Underwood vibe from House of Cards.  I am not a huge multiplayer fan, but the recent leak of zombie modes has me excited to take the game online.

As for GTA V, it was one of my all time favorite games when it came out last year, but releasing so close to a new console I didn't sink into it the time it deserved.  So after moving over to the PS4 I look forward to getting to experience the game again and seeing what kind of improvements it brings.  Not to mention my love for trophies now and being able to collect some fun ones that GTA brings.

Look forward to my review of Call of Duty sometime in the second week of November, and GTA V's review near the end of November.  Please feel free to comment with what you think will be the best release of November?